April – UpCycle Sculpture Festival

FROM SALVAGE TO SCULPTURE – UpCycle Sculpture Festival is sponsored by the City of Hot Springs Arts Advisory Committee with the partnership of The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs. UpCycle to build a greener, cleaner, brighter, earth-friendly future. Explore your own imagination to create magical statuary from everyday items.

COMPETITION CATEGORIES: Category 1 Individuals up to 12 years of age; Category 2 Individuals ages 12 through high school; Category 3 Adult individuals; Category 4 Professional artist submissions; Category 5 Groups aged 5 through high school; Category 6 Adult groups

There is no fee to enter and no rules of construction. The statuary should show any combination of: Beauty–Creativity–Originality–Innovation–Inspiration–Imagination. The primary elements used to construct the statue should be recycled objects and materials.

APPLICATION AND INFO can be found at The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs, 626 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR

Entry Deadline – Tuesday April 19, 2016
Exhibit is April 23, 2016 from 9am – 1pm at
The Historic Downtown Farmers Market
Upcycle Rules (PDF)
Upcycle Entry Application (PDF)

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